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Economic Media Bulletin (EMB)は、日系グローバル企業で活躍する日本人エグゼクティブの皆様へ、ロシアを含む欧州、中東、アフリカ地域に特化した経済ビジネス産業情報を日本語で配信しています。共同通信グループNNAとの提携ネットワークを生かし、アジアにおける欧州・中東・アフリカ関連動向など、ビジネスに直結する高付加価値な情報は、欧州、中東、アフリカはじめ日本で多くの皆様にご活用いただいております。



社名 Economic Media Bulletin Limited (EMB)
設立 2009年(平成21年)9月24日
事業概要 欧州、中東、アフリカの現地経済・ビジネス情報の編集・発行
London Office 30 St Olavs Court, Lower Road, Canada Water
London SE16 2XB, United Kingdom
TEL: 44-20-7064-0600
FAX: 44-20-7064-0606
アクセス: MAP
Düsseldorf Office Königsallee 92a, 5. Etage, 40212 Düsseldorf,
TEL: 49-211-5403-9599
代表者 菅原逸子

Economic Media Bulletin (EMB) is publishing the economic business industry information in Japanese that specializes in the European, Western Russia, Middle East and Africa, regions for Japanese executives who are managing Japanese global companies.
Leveraging our network of partnerships with the NNA group, we have been using the high value-added information that is directly linked to business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Based in London and Düsseldorf, the local information of each country is collected intensively by our journalists and a unique network of freelancers.

This is an information source that meets the needs of busy business executives. Our digital news service is available both via the online news database and through news bulletins and specialist newsletters.
Of particular value to our subscribers is the archive of news and features published since 1999. Our mission is to provide Japanese executives with the information they need to keep up to date and make well informed decisions.

EMB is happy to receive applications from translators, journalists and sales/marketing executives who are fluent in spoken and written Japanese.